Colour Therapy x ELR Style

Colour Therapy x ELR Style

Ever been tempted to have your colour's done? The ELR team were intrigued, so we recently met with a colour therapist can help us unlock the power of color in our wardrobes and daily life. Let us share what we learnt...

What tones and colors should you be wearing?

Our fabulous colour therapist, Louise from @cmbleeds analyzed the team's unique features such as eye color, hair color, and skin tone, to determine which tones and colors would compliment us each best. By wearing the right colors, you can create a harmonious and balanced look that highlights your best features - it was so interesting!

What compliments your hair color?

Your hair color can have a significant impact on which colors look best on you. Whether you have blonde, brunette, red, or black hair, there are specific colors that will complement your hair color and make you look your best. Louise recommended greens + browns for our girl Yas, who has the most gorgeous, vibrant auburn hair. Evie, our Social Media queen is a true blonde, and was recommended to wear cooler colours, such as our Mint Green, to make her locks shine even brighter. The rest of us are brunette, and we were teamed with warmer colours to make our hair pop. Our Picante Swim range was perfect for this and Ibiza Blue Lucy shorts were perfect for this!

What colors work best with your skin tone?

Your skin tone plays a crucial role in determining which colors will work best for you. A colour therapist can help you identify whether you have a warm, cool, or neutral undertone and recommend colors that will flatter your complexion. By wearing the right colors for your skin tone, you can achieve a healthy and radiant glow.

Consulting with a colour therapist can be a fun and enlightening experience that can transform your wardrobe and boost your confidence! By understanding the power of color and how it can influence your mood and appearance, you can create a personalized colour palette that reflects your unique style and personality. Have you ever been tempted? Let us know in the comments if you'd be interested in us sharing more of our findings! You can see the whole analysis on our Instagram page @elrstyle.

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