How To Find Your Perfect Swim Sizing

How To Find Your Perfect Swim Sizing

When it comes to finding the perfect swimwear, we know this can be a daunting task! The right fit can make all the difference in how comfortable and confident you feel at the beach or by the pool. Our brand new, Made To Make You Feel Good range as part of our European Summer (Part 1) campaign has something for everyone 🖤

Understanding your body shape is key to finding swimwear that flatters your figure . Whether you have an hourglass, pear, apple, or athletic shape, there are styles that will accentuate your best features and provide your preferred support. Our swim range is curve friendly and fitted to real bodies, made with premium quality fabric. Offering styles with variable coverage and mix and match pieces, you are sure to find something that makes you feel your absolute best, exactly as you deserve to.

Think about how you plan to use your swimwear. Our pieces are double layered with a shapewear affect in timeless designs to see you through year after year. If you're more active and enjoy water sports, opt for styles with secure straps and supportive features. For lounging by the pool, you may prefer a more relaxed fit. Whether it's full coverage, high waisted or low rise, to fit a bigger bust, provide more support or minimal tie detail, we have got you covered! 

Investing in high-quality swimwear that is designed to last is key. ELR Style use durable fabrics, secure stitching, and features like UV protection and chlorine resistance. Quality swimwear will not only fit better but also stand the test of time.

European Summer - Part 1 launches 7pm 28th March, or 6pm for Inner Circle members. Join Inner Circle here to be the first to shop 🖤

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