What to wear when you've got nothing to wear 💡

What to wear when you've got nothing to wear 💡


"I've got nothing to wear!"

Do you find yourself saying this way too often? Have endless clothes in your wardrobe, but still find yourself constantly scrolling online for something to wear, never really feeling content confident or comfortable in what you’re wearing?

It’s most likely because you’re not investing in quality essentials and basics! Once you nail the base of the outfit finding something to wear won’t be such a daunting task - we promise!

Our Top Basics -

The Charlotte 


The Joy

The Lauren

Take things back to basics with ELR. Build up your wardrobe with pieces you can wear year after year, spring summer, autumn or winter. Whether you’re going out out or just nipping to the shops!

Here at ELR Style we provide the highest quality, basics. Each piece is carefully curated by the ELR Style team, we select the thickest, highest quality fabrics that to mould to your body to offer the support you need without feeling restrictive.

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Our non-seasonal signature essentials include the ELR and Joy Bodysuit. Timeless cuts in staple, neutral colours mean they’ll never go out of style. 

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Comment any requests and we’ll get back to you asap with some ideas! 


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